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Invite you drive journey with hot spring hotels enjoy the picturesque landscape

Date: 2017-12-05

With hot spring hotels enjoy the picturesque landscape

Into the fascinating like Chinese landscape environment, check in hotel room with 180 degree viewing platforms, while the spa is surrounded by lake jingshan color...Multiple wonderful experience, waiting for you to open it.Foshan daily travel club to join hands in the swan lake hot spring resort hotel, debao crystal palace called 30 citizens, to participate in Britain drive experience tour and treasure to crystal palace swan lake resort hotel in the taihu lake "ride" activities, experience the price is only RMB 338 / person.

Experience the serene &elegant characteristic hotel

From foshan only 2.5 hours, drive the team will come to national 4 a level scenic spots the debao crystal palace international tourist resort.Here has a unique landscape resources, known as "guangdong landscape of guilin".

To a totally new opened resorts can't miss the experience of swan lake resort hotel and spa.Here can be overlooking 1680 mu water wide cloud width of swan lake, also leaning against "guangdong reflection of the most beautiful cave" biggest treasure crystal palace, with magnificent mountain, near the tranquil lake.The scheduling in hotel rooms, luxurious and comfortable and unique considerable see pu jiang jing, worth the cost.

Tea hot springs.

Swan lake resort hotel and spa facilities.Heron restaurant decoration elegant, facing the swan lake, periodic characteristic theme buffet dinner, developing hundreds food liberally.Beijiang fishermen's Chinese restaurant is launching a fish fresh and nourishing sheep sheep bone soup and a series of winter signings dishes, and health in a soup.

To marinas can swim swan lake boat, next to the hotel and the bright of visitors can also walk, four seasons flowers at the same time also has a top view of the lake fitness center, for you to choose from.

Waiting for you in private language custom tea hot springs bubble

To tea combined with theory of preserve one's health of health preservation hot spring, you may not tried.According to introducing, as guangdong's first tea culture theme hot spring, spring tea language adopted the "lingnan medicine first ancestor" has been passed down from ancient famous medical experts ge hong health prescription as dipping secret recipe, it's worth a try, and during the activity can be infinite time bubble hot spring.

Tea language underground hot springs straight pours hot spring water quality is superior, is beneficial to human body health lava spas.The red tea, phoenix single clump of nine tea, golden marble tea, brick tea, oolong tea, rose tea, eight magnolia flower tea, jin SPA pool...Hot spring area has nearly 40 different efficacy, special hot spring pool, an area of 18000 square meters.

And hot spring pools between the local unique stone as the main body in the landscape gardening, to the old tea tree and exotic tree species clever interval, private quiet.In high dongpo pools, but also has an unbeatable mountain lake landscape, suitable for friends get together and fun with tea and wash hot spring dust heart.

Enjoy the tea garden, leisure, add fun ride

German city is the hometown of Chinese black tea, the hometown of Chinese stone.Activities will be a team into the British tea GuJiQing one hundred years, understand the product around in celebration of comfortable and beautiful tea garden environment, as well as the exquisite tea products production process strictly.In view of tea garden, picking fresh tea, tea, experience rural life.

Tour will be staged "around the comfortable ride" activities, both parent-child family, conjugal love couples, robust, knight will have appropriate "car", all participate in the activists are getting gifts.Rank and speed is the second, the key is around the swan lake cycling along the way to get stone promenade, a lake, cherry blossom Lin, thousand color, like the flowers, dongpo bridge scenery everywhere.