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Binhai hotel group of guangdong need to create characteristics

Date: 2017-09-14

Two days before a foreign friend asked, could you recommend a few more distinctive beach hotel?Want to go to a few days.I was speechless, my mind quick search, but not very is worth to recommend.

With a double data, the advantage of guangdong coastal tourism resources from the page: guangdong coastline of total length of 4114.3 km, the first in the nation;With 1431 islands, island land area of 1592.618 square kilometers;The provincial quality about 170 more in coastal beach, total length of 570 km;Has a wide distribution in guangdong is the national mangrove area is larger, the province, with the largest China continental shelf area, the most complete protection coral reefs;A long coastline, the vast sea, many of the island has produced various types of coast and rich tourism resources.However, guangdong coastal tourism visibility and reputation of the brand can't match with such rich coastal tourism resources.

Improving the quality of seaside tourism, create seaside tourism brand is imperative.Today we try from the special Angle, to find the problem.For a long time, we used to stand in height see a problem, see the resource type is so rich, guangdong coastal tourism has huge potential.But we still lack to see the problem from the perspective of tourists, the degree of guangdong coastal tourism resources with them?Thousands of kilometers coastline makes no sense to visitors, their choice, not more than 10 kilometers, even no more than two kilometers.Despite the large transport costs, if let you choose a vacation seaside tourism destination, according to what you choose?Drift is not beautiful, fun, how about the hotel...And the first question we want to talk about today is how the local hotel.