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The autumn Canton fair opening tomorrow Hotel prices in line with last year

Date: 2017-10-14

The 2017 fall Canton fair will kick off on Sunday in the pazhou exhibition hall, exhibition respectively for a period of time (on October 15 to 19), phase ii (oct 23-27), three phase (October 31 - November 4).The reporter understands visit market, during this autumn fair hotel prices in line from a year earlier, up between 60% and 150%, the current customers booking mainly concentrated in one.

Ticket, before and after each Canton fair, Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu and other business travel back and forth from guangzhou city of the rise in ticket prices are different amplitude, the minimum discount wander between the discount to full price, some supporters strained phenomenon in a flight, tour prices will also as "the exhibition held in extension transition - the next exhibition held" rhythm, show "M" word.If citizens recently have a travel plan, master travel more affordable prices low.

It is understood that two seasons a year before, during and after the Canton fair from around the world to come to the participating merchants arrived in guangzhou, overnight accommodation reception of surging demand, pushing Gao Guangzhou sale price of each star hotel in the city.According to lingnan holding GuangZhiLv, each star hotel price during the Canton fair this year from a year earlier, among them, four or five star hotel prices is relatively stable, increase about 60% - 60%, for example in liuhua road of five-star hotels in guangzhou China hotel is a deluxe room, normal price is RMB 730 / room/night, during the Canton fair prices within the range of 1200-1500 yuan/room/night, up about 400-700 yuan., price fluctuation and economic business type hotel significant increase from 130% to 130%, in guangzhou is located in jiangnan avenue of dart international hotel business room as an example, the usual price is RMB 600 / room/night, during the Canton fair prices rose to RMB 1500 / room/night, up nearly $one thousand.

Guangzhou several established international hotel, said from the current booking volume, autumn Canton fair customers booking is focused on the issue, and the second phase, the three periods of scheduled summit is expected to be appeared in succession in the middle of October to the end of October.From the point of merchants hotel choice, such as garden hotel, the white swan hotel, liuhua hotel, Oriental hotel price stability such as four or five star hotel is more popular with customers.In addition, the established international hotel in order to improve the occupancy rate, slam the door the practice of blindly price war, pay more attention to the guest's business travel demand, generally provide hotel shuttle transport to pazhou, equipped with complete business and leisure facilities, compared with the equal business type hotel prices, price more highlights;Add in the downtown business district location, choice of diet entertainment around the advantages of the rich, are more popular with the customers.