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Hotel "show" leads the way The hotel service more diverse in the future

Date: 2017-12-19

Have such an industry - doing the traditional services, is doing the trend-setting, intelligent robot service, brush face check-in, qr code when the door card etc. New technology has been applied in this industry started.16, a special "fashion show" was held in guangzhou, the leading role of "posturing" is not beauty but full of personalized hotel concept in advance.In addition to the elements of science and technology, e-sports, social, sports, reading, drink coffee...These new multivariate life elements will be achieved in the hotel.

Highlight the personalized service

Ten years ago, almost no one can foresee, "fashion" and "hotel" the two unrelated areas, can be "together".

Activities the scene, the reporter sees the hotel in meet the personalized needs of different brand, doing more and more nuanced.High-heeled shoes to wear for a long time will foot pain, for example, the main concept of "favor" of shore hotel specifically for women queuing check-in channel launched a high heels.Tide of diffuse hotel guests will enjoy in the hotel lobby to different works and the performance of the designers and artists, and even learn professional knowledge of wine;And main original coffee culture 喆 fei hotel, the capsule coffee capsule coffee machine and magic, magic for business travelers have special appeal;Fun serviced apartments and main nest of community culture, in the "nest boring dinner" can be a game with strangers "werewolf killed", attracting a lot of stop to watch after 90.

(喆 brown hotel display, is magic graffiti activities.Wu Shan taken)

Fashion show organizers platinum tao, head of the group's chief brand construction division, chairman and founder of Mr Zheng told reporters, the yangcheng evening news. The fashion show has been held for three years in a row."Under the trend of consumption upgrade, at the heart of the hotel experience is the inner demand, this needs constantly excavate the be fond of of different ethnic groups, to the mood, even brought the good.Journey, people can choose according to his be fond of different destinations.Stay in a hotel, too, to see who has the attitude and tonal, who is more in line with the preferences of consumers ".

Live reporter also encountered a few hotel franchisees, they tell a reporter, after 80, 90, has become the mainstay hotel consumption, their individual needs the hotel industry have to toward individuation development.Particularly consumer upgrades, driven by the past simple to only a bed, a bathroom, a desk low-end budget hotels are mid-range hotel to diversification development.

"Under the condition of the location, the price is same, hotel spell is personality, highlight the social theme makes sense."One came from liaoning hotel franchisees tells a reporter, in addition to personalized, he is very fancy hotel intelligent development."This is a big trend."

The application of science and technology

In recent years, with the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence, the qr code when the door brush card, face new experience in the hospitality industry such as check-in, intelligent service robot is becoming more and more widely applied.Event shows a self-service check-in machine: Internet booking, brush brush id - face, choose room and room number - confirmation - door card pop-up, simple steps can check-in.It is understood that this series of "flash" services, customers can not only quickly and are not satisfied with the hotel can also "flash" back in 15 minutes.

In the hotel "show", the Internet enterprise commonly used "surrounding product development idea" is very outstanding.In recent years, many hotels start on peripheral products, such as washing liquid, used in the hotel products, pajamas, bed is tasted, handicraft, consumers can be purchased through the hotel.Beautiful maple, according to data provided by the hotel in September 1, 2017, T sleep, capsules, such as perfume, new product sales amounted to 13 million yuan, the monthly year-on-year growth rate of 20% or more;Platinum, said tao travel since December of this year, a price of 129 yuan of lightweight vacuum cup on its APP platform has sold more than 13000, and 139 yuan to receive bag five times, also sold nearly more than 7000 sets.Which sell well because, in addition to good quality, large hotel party member body become important support.

In the future, the hotel guests can enjoy not only comfortable bed, or one by one with tonal life beauty XueGuan, cafes, social experience and extensive entertainment experience pavilion...You can even choose like commodities, meet a good man.