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The 2017 China good citrus competition awards held in guangzhou

Date: 2017-12-19

On December 19, the southern rural newspaper and wood soil enterprise jointly organized the "cohesion can supply side, assign sales end" 2017 China good citrus contest awards and ceremony of the 2018 China good citrus competition held in guangzhou Canton fair westin hotel.Southern rural newspaper editor-in-chief Chen Yong, wood earth enterprise group chairman Liu Town, provincial academy of agricultural sciences' fruit tree research institute Ma Pei attend activities and speech.The competition across guangdong, guangxi, jiangxi and other nine citrus producing areas, a total of 402 people to sign up, more than 600000 people voted in the network link to participate in, to identify a number of "good kind of fruit, they sell price" excellent, characteristic fruit farm and base.

Southern rural newspaper editor-in-chief Chen Yong speech at the scene said, attaches great importance to the agricultural areas of differentiation, gradually enhance the consciousness of the growers to make certification of citrus brand, leading growers of "going out", to the province, study abroad training, new technology to enhance the happiness in the new era farmers.

It is understood that the biggest area as a national economic crops in south China area, on the supply side structural reforms, "drug fertilizer ShuangJian", such as national policy, driven by competition gradually become a high-end agricultural products.At the same time, the quality to become the trend of agricultural products sales market in recent years, in southern China citrus planted "good from citrus" has also become the hot topic of citrus industry.Therefore, 2017 Chinese citrus contest with "content of strong root system, yellowing disease prevention and control of, kind of good orange" as the theme, promoting scientific planting technology, enhance the management level, citrus growers construct platform for citrus sales good, strive to implement the "good kind of fruit, they sell price" in the first place.

In addition, the event invitation citrus industry circulation business representatives and the competition strategy group gold medal winner of four suppliers signed a cooperation agreement, promised prior purchasing authenticated by the Chinese good citrus contest organizing committee of "good Chinese citrus", can truly achieve assigned sales side, for "good kind of fruit, they sell price" power, good start in China in 2018 for citrus contest.